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Designer and manufacturer of glasses for children since 1970 We offer solutions each entropy, both professionals Sight and individuals seeking a perfect product to the technical and innovative design

Corporate History

1978 : TROPIQUE is established. Launching of the first baby frame
1985 : Invention of the non-slip silicone nose pads which allow the children to have an optimal visual angle.
1989 : Launching of the nose saddle screwed-in to the nasal bridge of the frame, adjustable to most facial morphologies.
1994 : Bébé Vision Tropique eye test was created with the collaboration of INSERM (National Health and Medical Research Institute) in France and Oxford University. This is the first European eye examination for the preverbal infant.
1996 : Innovation of the SMT eyewear product line which places the TROPIQUE brand as a world leader for infants’ eyewear. The SMT product line, or the Tropique Custom Designed, has a nasal groove in which the optician can stick a silicone nose bridge fitted to the morphological contour of the child’s nose.
1996 Grand prize of “Design Français “
1997 : nomination for the Grand Prize of European Design
1998 : “Nef d’or “ of the Paris Chamber of Commerce
2003 : First Tropique boutique opening in Paris; caters exclusively to the children from 0 to 9 years of age. This boutique acts as a pilot laboratory for the launching of all new products.
2007 : Launching of the SMT Baby product line made of plastic acetate.
2008 : Launching of the SMT Môm product line made of metal.
2009 : Launching of the SMT Sun product line for solar protection.
2010 : Introduction of the specialisation concept for optician’s shop.
2012 : Introduction of the new Fuz’ by Tropique spectacles.
2013 : Introduction of the SAVIE association, which aims to train and create awareness among specialists, introduce medical equipment, place Tropique specialist opticians in close contact with doctors, establish vision screening for babies.